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Therefore, in the profile mode, you still require some debugging functionality. Use this mode to analyze the real-time performance of your released app. Flutter, only just released in 2018, is still in the early stages, compared with established platforms such as native technology, Xamarin, and React Native. Therefore, it still needs time to have very rich library support. IntelliJ IDEA is feature-rich, boasts extensive support for many languages, and provides smart coding assistance.

  • You will most likely also need a back-end, promotional website, perhaps even a web version of your app or technical support.
  • These tests are designed to evaluate your aptitude for a career in IT, to help an employer understand your strengths and identify any areas which you may need additional training in.
  • Offbeat interview questions such as this can often be difficult to answer.
  • You will need to have familiarised yourself with the system used by the organisation you are hoping to join.

Respond to negative comments with gratitude and implement the feedback in future versions of the app. Of all the marketing channels out there, people trust personal recommendations from friends and acquaintances the most. Get the attention of the general public by virtue of an innovative activation on the streets.

Examples of good interview questions to ask

A more iterative and adaptable approach, throughout the development process, you’ll be going over your app designs constantly based on feedback from testing with your end users. The important part is that you make sure development companies don’t ask for costly payments upfront for obvious reasons. Post-launch costs can often be underestimated and it’s down to app development companies to make sure there’s a clear plan of future updates and how they will be used to respond to feedback from your users. For connecting with Salesforce, the REST API provides a powerful, convenient, and easy REST-based web services interface. It has several advantages, including simplicity of integration and development, and it’s a great solution for mobile apps and web projects.

Robolectric is an environment that allows one to test a mobile application on a desktop. The Robolectric approach also allows testers to write lines of codes that activate unit tests. You’ll want to use a mix of different methods including looking through the app development company’s website as how to become a mobile developer well as their social media channels. Typically, successful apps with many active users will be updated up to four times a month. The most important thing to mention here is the differences between these updates. Which will always differ depending on the complexity of what you’re trying to do.

Scenario based interview questions and answers.

Maintain a lively positive conversation with your app’s users. Answer the questions and react to the reviews in App Store and Google Play. 80% of our social media browsing happens on mobile phones erefore, social media offer vast potential for your app promotion and are possibly the absolute best location for your ads. You already have a clear image of the app in your head but you are curious about the opinion of users? Create an interactive prototype which looks exactly like the final product, organize a testing session with potential users and acquire invaluable feedback. It’s a week-long sequence of workshops with all relevant stakeholders of the app which result in designing and testing a prototype with real users.

Ideally, the project should start with a series of Design Sprint, week-long intensive blocks of work focused on UX design. The sprints will produce the ideal prototype, already tested with end users. The investments necessary for this phase are again determined by the scope of the app and the target level of thoroughness you wish to ensure for preparations of the UX.

How to handle competency-based interview questions

By taking your users languages, phrases and terminology into consideration you can see which keywords have the highest searches and decide on an ASO strategy that put your app in front of the right people. A ‘bug’ is a technical issue which makes your app crash once users take certain actions. After your app is launched you’ll receive a lot of feedback and bugs that make the app less usable or accessible on certain devices or OS versions.

mobile developer interview questions

Mention real, tangible strengths that you’ll bring to the role. Another way they might ask the question isWhat can you bring to the company?. “Talk about an area of development – something you’re working on at the moment,” suggests John Lees, author ofKnockout Interview. Don’t mention any faults that would directly impair your ability to do the job. An employer will ask this to see if you’re aware of your weaknesses, and whether or not you have strategies in place to tackle them. Candidates often make the mistake of not using examples to back up their answers.

Mobile app development — the ultimate guide

Finally, I used this list to send targeted email campaigns to these inactive customers, offering them discounts and promotions to encourage them to make a purchase. As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer, I have extensive experience working with Salesforce data extensions and lists. Salesforce data extensions and lists are essential components in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform that are used to store customer data and manage audience targeting.

mobile developer interview questions

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